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types of tube packaging

Types of Tube Packaging

What is Tube Packaging?

Tube packaging is one of the famous packaging styles that is commonly used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food items, CBD, condiments, and even certain types of hardware or industrial products. You can design in any shape, size, and style according to your product desire and ensure that your item remains protected till it is delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Tube packaging is usually made from different materials, you can design them in cardboard, plastic, and aluminum. This kind of Packaging helps prevent product contamination or spoilage and the ability to display branding and product information effectively. Also, its compact and convenient design makes it popular for travel-sized products and samples.

Type of Tube Packaging

Aluminum Tube

Aluminum tubes are one of the popular tube packaging that has been used in many industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cement, chemicals, and much more. Using this aluminum packaging allows the product to stay safe has a good ability to withstand rough handling and provides good protection for the item from the inside out. You can fill all kinds of toothpaste, hair dye, polishes, glues, sunscreens, hand creams, and ointment. Instead of choosing light packaging that can damage the packaging and product and leave a negative impression on a customer, choosing aluminum packaging can help make the product safe and improve your brand value.

Laminated tubes

Laminated tubes is becoming of one the most popular options in many businesses. When talking about laminated tubes, these tubes are made from several materials including polymers and other materials that help increase the shelf life of a product. If you are running a cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical business, you can design custom packaging for laminated tubes that can make the product puncture-resistant, moisture-resistant, and high filling line speed that can make the product best suited for the application in various industries as mentioned. Laminated tubes are made from several materials using aluminum and plastic bares for outer and inner layers t give extra protection against any damage. You can add other features to give your tubes a unique shape by adding a range of caps such as flip-flops, stand-ups, caps, etc.

Plastic Tubes

Plastic tubes are made from environmentally friendly and renewable materials. These tubes can be used for packaging by utilizing recycled and reusable materials. The best part? During their manufacturing process, they don’t release any harmful gases making the production environment safer for manufacturers. These tubes are made entirely of plastic and have a single layer. While this makes them cost-effective to produce, they are most suitable for products that don’t contain active chemicals.

Aluminum Barrier Laminate

ABL tubes are increasingly popular when it comes to packaging any liniment creams, essential oils, toothpaste, CBD creams, antiseptics, and adhesives. So, using Aluminum barrier laminate means your product is highly safe and helps keep it protected from any leakage. As these tubes hold rough handling. One of the main purposes of ABL tubes is to provide a barrier against light, moisture, oxygen, and other external factors that could potentially degrade the product inside. The aluminum layer serves as the main barrier and protects the product from external elements and preserving its quality and freshness.

Plastic Barrier Laminate

Plastic Barreis Laminate tube box packaging is the safest option when you want to keep your product safe from any damage. As you invest much in packaging that can help promote your brand value and allow customers to choose you over the competitors. You have to carefully choose a packaging material that can withstand rough handling an best suits your product. PBL Tubes are mainly used for cosmetic tubes but they’re also great for toothpaste, personal care items, and medicines. They’re versatile and work well for food and chemical products too. PBL Tubes can be printed with up to 8 colors and have fancy surface finishes making them look really clear and attractive. PBL is comprised of six layers two bonding lawyers and a barrier EVOH layers in between. This tube packaging is highly in demand in a few industries including the cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and chemical & Technical products.

Airtight Packaging

Airtight packaging is one of the most suitable packaging for food items that can help keep them protected and prevent air and gas from entering inside the packaging. Cannabis packaging offers a diverse array of closures and caps to choose from. Options range from the common mylar bag to plastic pop-top doob tubes, as well as glass jars and tubes featuring screw caps, child-resistant closure and even cork stoppers. Airtight packaging helps protect the shelf life of your product and presents the freshness of your product. It also provides better protection during transportation and storage and reduces the risk of damage or leakage.

Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging can be designed in many materials including, aluminum, plastic, and laminate. Cosmetic packaging refers to primary and secondary layers directly in contact with the product, and the housing layer (e.g., lipstick tube box). You need to make sure that your packaging for your cosmetic product remains safe and convenient. Choosing cosmetic packaging must showcase is durability and user-friendliness for extended product use. It can help customers choose you over the competitor. Never compromise on Product Packaging as it can help make your look extra look ad visually appealing. You can choose tube box packaging for creams, and sunscreen. Typically made from aluminum or plastic, these containers are lightweight and offer consumers greater control over dispensing quantities. Or you can try tin, bottles, sachets, pouches and other options for cosmetic packaging according to the product’s desire.

Paperboard Tube

Paper tube packaging is made of winding layers of paper or paperboard sheets together, forming sturdy, hollow, and typically cylindrical shapes. These layers are bonded using adhesives and the thickness of the tube walls can vary based on the number of layers wrapped during production. Paper tubes are alternatively referred to as paper cores, paperboard tubes, paper cans, fiber drums, and more. Despite their widespread use, labeling them as “cardboard tubes” is inaccurate. Custom Cardboard typically comprises three kraft layers with a corrugated central layer. On the other hand, you can design customer paper deodorant tubes or custom cardboard lip balm tubes, snack boxes, and much ith paper tube packaging.

Pharmaceutical Tubes

Pharmaceutical tubes are made from plastic and aluminum material. These tubes have been used for different liniment creams, essential oils, lotions, gels and pastes. The tubes help protect the product from contamination, and maintain its stability. Pharmaceutical tubes often feature tamper-evident seals or closures to enhance product safety and durability. They are actually made to securely contain and dispense pharmaceutical products while providing ease of use for consumers.

Aluminum collapsible tubes

Aluminum collapsible tubes are amazing to work against light and air which makes this packaging an ideal choice for various industries like cosmetics and oarmatucial industries. You can design them in shape and size. Aluminum tubes are internally lacquered, and our latex finish gives your packaging an unbreakable seal. Aluminum tubes aren’t just great for medicines, they’re perfect for stuff like glue too! Ours even have a special aluminum layer inside and a cap that you can poke through, making them just right for all your packaging needs. If you want to uplift the packaging experience of your customers you design aluminum collapsible tubes to keep your products safe and prolong their shelf life. Never make the mistake of choosing ordinary packaging as making quality packaging can overall impact on your business.

Plastic Packaging Products

Plastic packaging products are still in trend even after using eco-friendly packaging. Many cosmetic brands, pharma industries, food and beverages, CBD, and e-commerce businesses have been using plastic bags, containers, and jars to buy tier products. It can keep the product safe and allow customers to have a better unboxing experience when they open up the product for use. However, it’s essential to consider recycling and environmental impacts when using plastic packaging. Never make your packaging ordinary that can make your product unsafe for your customers and impact your sales. Plastic packaging material is highly effective in any business and has durable and resistant as well as highly lightweight for use.

Cosmetic Containers Packaging

Cosmetic containers are one of the famous packaging that has been used while keeping the product safe and intact. These containers are highly durable and keep the product safe and secure during transport. as Essential for products sensitive to air exposure such as creams and serums so these containers can help give maximum protection against heat and humidity.

Glass Tube Packaging

Glass tube packaging refers to packaging solutions that utilize glass tubes as the primary container. These tubes can vary in size, shape, and thickness depending on the intended use. Glass tube packaging is commonly used for storing and dispensing products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fragrances, and laboratory samples. Glass offers several advantages including its transparency, inertness (meaning it doesn’t react with the contents), and ability to maintain product integrity and freshness. Additionally, glass is recyclable and makes it an environmentally friendly packaging option.


Using tube packaging can help you serve in many industries whether it a plastic, aluminum, glass, or laminate. You can use all Types of Materials that can go with your product need as each type as its own advantages some of them are lightweight, durable, and easy to use yet others are more expensive, like glass tubes than the other types of materials. So your consideration while choosing material for tube packaging should be wise as it can help make your product safe from any damage and improve your brand value. Packaging plays a vital role that can make your brand stand out among all and can help your product sell more in the market. Never forget that your product packing is an ordinary part of your business but it can be a valuable tool to make business shine on the shelves.

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