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What are kraft paper?

What is Kraft Paper? 

As we all know businesses in today’s time have been changing their Packaging Style. Many companies switched from plastic packaging to eco-friendly craft packaging. Kraft boxes are one of the famous Packaging that many businesses use for their Product Packaging. By using kraft boxes businesses show that they care for the planet and believe in sustainability. “ Kraft “ is a German word that means “ Strong “ that is truly defined through its quality. Kraft paper is unbleached doesn’t carry any harmful chemicals and is brown, although you can make it bleachable and try various colors to give your packaging an attractive look.

What is the Process of Making Kraft Boxes?

Usually kraft paper is made through a chemical process converting wood into wood pulp. The structural components of wood are based on lignin and cellulose. To make Kraft Boxes you need to separate the cellulose from lignin and we do this through a chemical process. So to make kraft paper, we separated the wood chips while making them on intense flame then the pulp got washed and screened through large rollers to remove any chunks. In the end, kraft paper is rolled and dried and then kept ready to be cut down according to requirements.

What is Kraft Paper Used For?

Kraft paper has been used for several purposes. Bunsie has been using it for transport, packaging, and sustainability. Whether you are running a business in cosmetics, fashion, pharmaceuticals, food, or beverages business you can use kraft paper for packaging purposes. This paper can withstand rough handling help make the planet a better place to live in and promote sustainability.

E-commerce business benefit a lot through kraft packaging and using it to make customer unboxing experience exceptional. Customers are more conscious about eco-friendly packaging and perfect-to-use kraft paper that can easily be recycled and reused for packaging and ensure they withstand harsh shipping conditions. Kraft paper is versatile and one of the best yet sustainable packaging in today’s time among all types of packaging.

Types of Kraft Paper

All three types of kraft paper are being used in today’s time. To know more about them let’s break into these three types and explain them correctly for future understanding:

Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK)

When making CUK, there is no option of bleaching the paper as this process is entirely chemical-free no printing and lamination have been used during the process. This process is solid unbleached sulfate and based on virgin fiber wood pulp. CUK is hard to compromise other foam of kraft paper carries a high degree of stiffness, is not too thick and is great tear resistant.

Solid Bleached Kraft Paper (SBS)

Unbleached kraft paper is eco-friendly promotes sustainability and as the entire is based on chemical-free processes. Many brands that are highly environmentally conscious use unbleached kraft paper and make an example of the eco-friendly brands. On the other hand, bleached kraft paper is prefaced when you want your packaging to look more attractive while using lamination, printing, and coating. This way, you can enhance the appearance of your boxes. So, it’s really important to know that bleaching can harm the environment, so businesses need to consider how their paper looks and how eco-friendly it is when choosing between bleached and unbleached Kraft paper. The decision depends on what the business needs and what kind of product they’re packaging, as well as how much they care about being green.

Coated Recycled Board (CRB)

Using CRB means it is a complete yet 100 recycled kraft paper. If you have a limited budget but need eco-friendly paper you can try coated recycled paper that is not made from virgin fiver and comes under low-cost packaging. CRB is highly recommended for those having a limited budget yet ideal for them where high tear resistance and thickness are not necessary and can be cereal or mylor boxes. This way you get a market edge by selling at the best price to the consumer and gain maximum from it.

Benefits of Using Kraft Boxes For Your Product

Every business has its preference for packaging, but now brands are more into making eco-friendly packaging for their product. Kraft boxes have taken the place across the packaging industry. This packaging has a lot of advantages for your brand, product, planet, and customers. Kraft packaging is eco-friendly and budget-friendly if you buy them in bulk, so it’s not over here. In this blog, you can help explore many other benefits that you can get from these packaging easily:

Environment-friendly Packaging

Kraft boxes are made from pulp wood that doesn’t cause harm to the planet. Kraft paper can be recycled and reused when you are done with one-time use. People think about how it affects the environment and how much it costs before they decide to use it. Kraft boxes are also really solid and work as magic for our planet so they can handle a lot of pressure without breaking. The way Kraft boxes are made can also influence how people decide to buy things. In today’s time customers are now very much conscious about packaging, so eco-friendly kraft packaging means you show care for your customers and for the planet equally.

Sturdy and Durable

Kraft boxes are very popular for their strength and durability. The fibrous nature of Kraft paper gives it exceptional tear resistance and enough strength to withstand rough handling. From handling to shipping to delivering, kart boxes help give protection against any damage. This makes Kraft boxes ideal for packaging items of various shapes and sizes while ensuring that they remain intact during transit and storage. There are several benefits that eco-friendly kraft boxes provide including reliable protection for fragile or heavy items. It also reduces the risk of damage during shipping last but not least it minimizes returns.

Customization Options

Despite its simplicity, Kraft boxes offer a wide range of customization options for your brands. It can give your brand a chance to easily print, stamp, or embellish anything to showcase your brand logo, product information, or eye-catching designs. Custom Printed Kraft Boxes let you design a box that suits your business needs. Usually, when you make Custom-sized kraft boxes, you can change their shape and size. With Kraft boxes, you can create unique shapes, sizes, and styles for your product like pentagons or pyramids. You can also add handles, windows, or inserts to catch to grab the customer’s attention. You can customize these boxes differently for various things like cosmetics, food, candles, or delicate items. Customization allows you to create packaging that not only protects your products but also effectively communicates your brand identity.

Appealing Display

Every business wants its product to look good and attract customers through appealing packaging. Kraft boxes can help give your product an appealing look with its unique yet high elegance packaging without fancy printing with just brown color. If you want to make your brand the best among the rest, make a better packaging strategy. It entirety on how you want your product to be packaged and can attract customers who like how your product is presented.

The Future is Green With Kraft Paper

In the end, using kraft paper means contributing to a better future. If you are running any business and using kraft packaging, you helping the planet and people to live a better yet healthy lifestyle for tomorrow. Since your small contribution can make a huge impact on tomorrow. Using raft paper means saving lives and the planet. So moving forward for a sustainable future can promote sustainability as using kraft bags can serve to protect the environment for future generations.

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