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Types of rigid packaging

Types of Rigid Boxes

What are Rigid Boxes?

Rigid Boxes are one of the popular choices and are often associated with luxury product packaging. These rigid boxes are four to five times thicker than other boxes used for the packaging including kraft, corrugated and cardboard boxes. Rigid boxes have been used in various industries including luxury goods, cosmetics, electronics, jewelry, gourmet foods and high-end retail. You can design them in various styles including Custom Cube Rigid Boxes, hinged, lid, or even in magnetic closure. In this article, you can find the best details about rigid boxes that can make your brand and product stand out. Without any more hesitation, let’s dive right into the fundamentals: what exactly is it?

How To Make Rigid Boxes?

When it comes to making rigid boxes, you can design them by machine or with a combination of hand-made manufacturing. The initial step of making rigid boxes is choosing the material you will create your whole boxes, whether chipboard or cardboard.

Cutting the material in the accurate size according to the product and scoring them. When we talk about the sides of a box being “scored,” it means that they are intentionally partially cut (but not all the way through). This scoring helps make folding the box easier. Imagine it like creating a little groove or guide for the fold. Once you have folded the box’s sides, the next step is to print them whether you want to add lamination, coating, embossing, debossing, foil stamping or add-ons.

You can wrap the boxes either tight or loose. In the old days when people made rigid boxes by hand, they usually wrapped them loosely. But nowadays it’s more common to wrap them tightly. However, you can still choose to have your rigid boxes with loose wrapping if you want. It gives them a handmade feel and makes them seem fancier and more expensive.

Explore the Types of Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes consist of two main parts called lid and base. In a very simple term, you can call it top and bottom. You can design rigid boxes in various shapes and sizes including triangles, rectangular and circles but most of the time these custom rigid boxes are usually categorized and defined by the type of lid which is described by the top of the lid use. You can design in various types like Hinged, classic, window-cut, collapsible, and many other types according to your choice and product preferences. In this action, you can help explore various types of rigid boxes, and you can design according to your product needs and desires.

Hinged Lid Boxes

You can define hinged boxes for your Product Packaging, you can design them with various materials whether cardboard or paper board. These materials are quite sturdy and can be customized so easily without having any sort of difficulty. These boxes are also known as book box got their name because they look like books as you can open and close them just like a book. You can make these boxes even more attractive by adding magnetic closure, ribbon closure or sticker closure up to your choice. There are different types, like rigid clamshell boxes, magnetic closure boxes, and half-covered hinged lid boxes.

Magnetic Rigid Boxes

When it comes to retail packaging, custom magnetic closure rigid boxes are the perfect choice. These boxes feature a magnetic closure that allows boxes to be securely sealed while remaining easy to open. The lid itself is magnetic and the top flap is wisely cut at half of the front panel making it even more convenient to access the product. You can add a touch of elegance by designing a ribbon pull on the side. For an added touch, consider designing a custom box with a ribbon pull on the side to protect delicate glass bottles.

Collapsible Rigid Boxes

Collapsible rigid boxes, also known as folding boxes or crease-level boxes, combine the durability and strength of rigid boxes with the space-saving advantage of foldability. These boxes are easy to fold and collapse also best known for space-saving while shipping. You can customize collapsible rigid boxes according to your brand and product needs. You can choose to make stock options for your boes including velvet, cardboard, silk, and line to give your boxes a luxurious feel just like your product.

Rigid Window Boxes

When designing custom rigid window boxes, you can add the touch of the window that can help showcase your product from outside to our customers. Whether you are selling jewelry, apparel, cosmetics, food and beverages, gift and specialty items, health and wellness. You can add a hundred window designs to maximize shelf impact and create an exceptional unboxing experience.

Custom Rigid Shoulder Rigid Boxes

Rigid shoulder boxes are the same as other boxes, you can design them in any style. Shoulder boxes are very easy to open and you can detach the upper lid, solid base tray called shoulder friction-locked to the base tray that gives customers an exceptional unboxing experience. You can use these boxes for various products like cosmetics, jewelry, promotional packaging, or gift purposes. These shoulder rigid packaging are mostly liked for watch boxes that give them a luxury touch through packaging.

Rigid Hexagon Boxes

Give your boxes a unique look by designing your boxes in the shape of a hexagon. Rigid Hexagon Boxes have six sides that help give your boxes a unique look and are visually appealing. You can design these boxes for gift boxes or if you are selling sweets, these boxes are high in demand and enhance the overall aesthetic of anything that is packed inside the box. So, if you want a unique look for your product you can try these boxes to make your product packaging a work of art.

Rigid Drawer Boxes

Rigid Drawer Boxes are also known as rigid Sleeve Boxes made from high-quality materials such as cardboard, paperboard, or chipboard. The materials used are thicker and more durable compared to standard folding cartons and provide extra protection for the packaged items. One of the amazing features of rigid sleeve boxes is the separate outer sleeve that slides over the inner tray or base. This way, you can gain easy access to the item while providing an additional layer of protection and stability.

Know the Difference Between Rigid, Cardboard, and Kraft Paper

There are different types of boxes available in the market. Many businesses have been using cardboard, kraft, and rigid boxes for their product packaging. In this article, you are going to explore the various terms in packaging that have been used in the packaging industry.

Luxury rigid packaging is now more expensive yet more in demand for high-end products. You can design these boxes if you are selling something more luxurious that needs luxury packaging. Rigid boxes are more sturdy yet supportive compared to kraft and Cardboard Boxes. These boxes help make your product look outstanding among the rest. Luxury Rigid Boxes are more flexible and thicker won’t damage easily and change shape while shipping from one place to another as the other boxes do easily.

On the other hand, designing cardboard and Kraft Boxes are more cheaper than rigid boxes. These are affordable boxes if you have a limited budget for packaging. These boxes are also a very popular choice. When it comes to presentation cardboard and kraft boxes and high-end Corrugated Packaging are popular alternatives. They stand out due to their cost efficiency and versatility in high-quality printing and finishing capabilities.

Pros And Cons of Using Custom Rigid Boxes

As we have covered almost all types of rigid boxes, now it’s time to know about the pros and cons of using rigid boxes. As you all know these boxes are highly sturdy and give your product a luxury look. If you are more into using your product shine on the shelves you can try rigid boxes depending upon the product you have been selling. You can make Small Rigid Boxes or Large Rigid Boxes according to the size of your product. These boxes help give an exceptional unboxing experience and keep the product safe until it is delivered to the customer.

On the other hand, one of the significant drawbacks of high-end, custom rigid boxes lies in their cost. Designing one of these boxes is a pricey endeavor. You need a maximum budget to design these boxes to give your boxes luxury boxes.


In the end, the usage of rigid boxes offers numerous advantages across various industries. These custom rigid boxes provide superior protection for delicate or valuable items during storage, transportation and display. Whether it’s for luxury goods, electronics, cosmetics or other products, rigid boxes ensure that the product remains intact and presentable, enhancing brand image and customer satisfaction. On the other hand, it’s crucial to select the appropriate type of rigid box based on specific requirements such as size, shape and material. By going with the right type of rigid box, businesses can enhance product presentation, ensure secure packaging and ultimately elevate their brand presence in the market.

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