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Postcard Requirements: Design, Size, and Mailing

Even though we live in a world where we can chat instantly online, But at some point, we have to mail the old-fashioned way to surprise as chatting online doesn’t make anything much special as mailing. One of the best ways to mail is a postcard, which is still in trend when it comes to surprising someone. It could be a beautiful picture from a trip or a way for businesses to advertise. But to ensure your postcard does its job, you need to know how to design, size and send it. Let’s learn the basics to ensure your postcards get where they are going without any problems.

How To Make Your Postcard

It’s very important when you think of designing postcards. If you make it attractive it can easily help grab the customer’s attention and get your message across. Here’s what you need to think about:

Keep It Simple

Make sure your design is easy to understand. Don’t put too much text or too many pictures on your postcard or it might confuse the person who gets it.

Use Great Pictures

Pick really good pictures or drawings that go with your message. Bright, colorful pictures can make your postcard look really good.

Show Your Brand

If you have a logo, special color or fonts that you use all the time, put them on your postcard. It helps people recognize your brand.

Easy-to-Read Text

Pick a font that’s easy to read even from far away. Keep your message short but make sure it’s powerful.

Leave Some Space

Don’t fill up every inch of your postcard. Leave some blank space to make it easier to read and look at. It also stops your design from looking too busy.

Size Rules for Your Postcard:

To be called a postcard, your mail piece needs to be a rectangle and have these sizes:

It has to be at least 3.5 inches tall.

It has to be at least 5 inches long.

It has to be at least .007 inches thick.

The corners of the postcard can’t be too round. They can have a curve, but it can’t be more than .125 inches.

As long as your postcard is at least this big, you can make it any size you want. But if it’s a different size it might be called something else like a flyer or handout.

A lot of companies make a mistake when they make their postcards. They make them square, which looks cool, but it doesn’t work well with the machines that sort the mail. So, make sure your postcard is longer than it is tall. The ratio of the length to the height should be between 1.3 and 2.5. To figure this out, divide the length of your postcard by its height.

Mailing Your PostCard

Here are the few steps that you have to keep in your mind while mailing your postcard easily:

Making Your Postcards:

First, make sure your postcards look good and are the right size.

Where to Write Addresses

Write the person’s address clearly on the right spot on the postcard. Don’t forget to include your own address too just in case the postcard needs to be sent back to you.

Sticking on Stamp

Put the right amount of postage stamps on the postcard. Check with your post office to make sure you are using enough stamps so your postcard doesn’t get delayed.

Getting a Postmark

The post office needs to stamp your postcard with a postmark. This shows when and where the postcard was mailed and is important for keeping track of it.

Choosing How to Send It

You can pick different ways to send your postcard, like regular mail, priority mail or faster services. It depends on what you prefer and how much you want to spend.

Sending Postcards Abroad

If you are sending postcards to another country, there might be extra steps. You might need to fill out a customs form and use special international stamps. Make sure you know the rules for mailing things to the country you are sending your postcard to.


If you follow the rules for how to design, size and mail postcards, you can make postcards that people will remember. And they can get to where they are going without any problems. You can use postcards to share special moments, advertise your business or just to make someone happy. Even in today’s digital age, people still love getting postcards and to make them attractive and eye-catching you can use the given techniques.

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