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A Guide to Creating Stunning Unboxing Videos For Packaging

Creating unboxing videos becoming one of the famous trends globally. Every third person is now making videos when they buy or receive anything and upload it on their social platform. It’s a very fascinating activity and people love doing it. Are you still not familiar with the term “unboxing” haven’t seen any video of unboxing? If not then it is a process of taking the product out of the box and recording a video while opening up the Packaging they came in. It as simple as making a random video. Nothing Big!

If you haven’t seen one yet, you might be wondering why people enjoy watching videos of others opening packages. Every month, more than 90,000 people search for ‘unboxing’ on YouTube. There are close to 40 videos that have been viewed over 10 million times.

Why Unboxing Video is So Popular?

Are you still thinking about why these unboxing videos are so famous and why people love watching them? Why people are so attracted by this video and continues to capture their attention? What keeps us watching for hours, or why are these videos so good to watch? Steve Jobs put it perfectly “Packaging can be theatre. It can create a story”.

The reason behind the popularity of the unboxing video is that customers want to see what’s inside the box. An unboxing video is a complete act of reality-based video when you open up a product packaging and show your audience watching your video what’s coming inside and worth spending money on or not. Unboxing and recording your live reaction can help customers buy the product.

When you open a box, it’s like a big surprise! This is a chance for companies to show off their cool stuff. You might have a great item, but the box it comes in can also make people say “Wow”. People who share products online don’t just look at the item, they also look at the box. Think about all the time and money used to make the item, design the box, plan the ads and more. All this hard work pays off when someone finally opens your box!

The final part of the unboxing video is really cool to see real reviews and thoughts about a product. The best people who share products online don’t use any tricks or cheats. People who might buy the product can see it as it really is and the person sharing the product gives honest opinions. The best part is, all this helpful info doesn’t cost anything to the people watching! Unboxing videos make it a lot easier to decide to buy something because you trust the person sharing the product.

Benefits of Using Unboxing Video

As you know making unboxing videos is getting popular and several benefits can impact your brand and sales listed below:

Build Brand Awareness

When you make an unboxing video you can easily build your brand awareness. People can see the brand and be enticed that they are making their packaging exceptional which can allow them to buy from you rather than from someone else with such unusual unboxing.

Product Visibility & Facts

Unboxing videos are a fun way to show your product to people who might want to buy it. When people watch your product being used in the video, more people get to know about it. This could help you reach more people

Authenticity and Trust

Unboxing videos usually come from real customers or popular people. This makes the videos feel real. When people see a true reaction to your product, it helps them trust your brand. This could make them think about buying from you.

Product Features

When you make an unboxing video, you can tell the features of your product that can attract customers and allow them to buy from you. This way, you can build a better understanding of your product and how it can benefit you.

Emotional Connection

Through such videos, you can build an emotional connection with your audience. They can see the excitement and satisfaction through unboxing. This way, you can build a better connection and leave a lasting impression on the video.

Learning from Unboxing Videos

When you watch people open and use your product in videos you can learn a lot about how they like it. This helps you make it even better for them.

People Opinions Matter

When these videos get shared on social media, it shows that people like your product. This makes others trust it more and want to buy it too.

Getting Seen More

Putting these videos in your marketing helps your website show up more in online searches. This way more people can find your brand and products.

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